Truck Mileage Bill Passes State House, Then Goes To Senate

HARTFORD, Connecticut (WTNH) – Although there are no new taxes in the state budget, House lawmakers on Tuesday night passed a “freeway user fee” that was separated from the budget.

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The bill passed House 88-59. He would charge for trucks to cross the state.

Opponents say the cost will be passed on to consumers.

After the House vote on Tuesday, Motor Transport Association of Connecticut chairman Joe Sculley released a statement:

The House of Representatives passed the truck mileage tax tonight, but not before voting to exempt the heaviest trucks on the road – dairy trucks – from paying the tax. These trucks operate at 100,000 pounds, while the limit for all other trucks is 80,000 pounds. It just goes to show that the mileage tax on trucks isn’t really about road damage, it’s just about money. Lighter trucks will subsidize heavier trucks which will be exempt from the tax.

Supporters believe all they have to do is compare the miles declared under the interstate agreement known as the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) with the miles declared under this new tax. kilometer. They don’t realize that 1.) out-of-state trucking companies report their IFTA miles to their home state, and Connecticut does not have access to these records, and 2.) IFTA includes single unit trucks, which this tax does not. Connecticut cannot compare apples to oranges for the purposes of this new tax.

Connecticut will never see the money earmarked for this bill, and this tax scheme will fail. “

The state Senate will consider the bill before the end of the legislative session on Wednesday at midnight.

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