Turkey prepares infrastructure for transporting goods by civilian drones

Turkey is working on the construction of infrastructure for the payload transport activities of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Thus, during a test flight scheduled before June 6, light medicine will be transported by a drone from one hospital to another.

Healthcare group Acıbadem will conduct the test from its Dr. Şinasi Can hospital in Kadıköy district to its Kozyatağı hospital – both on the Anatolian side of Istanbul – after the proper conditions for the planned flight are met.

As part of the test, the purpose of the UAV is to transport light drugs. The results of the test flight will be used by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM) to develop a real model of civil transport with drones.

The SHGM is developing the rapidly developing model for managing regulations, authorizations and operations for civil use of drones.

Under this model, Turkey’s goal is to use its civilian airspace effectively, safely and efficiently. The model foresees that the movements of the 50,170 drones currently defined in the system can be monitored centrally through the module, which will have been predefined by the aeronautical authority and installed on the aircraft in the authorized air corridors.

With this system, flexible but highly secure activities will be ensured without the need for flight permit approval mechanisms. The main inter-city flight corridors for drones, as well as the appropriate flight channels in the city, will be defined and the envisaged structure and management rules will be applied to ensure mobility on these lines.

Drones are used in healthcare to transport blood and vaccines, especially in hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the world’s largest tech, freight, e-commerce and food companies are looking for new solutions using drone delivery.

Drones, which are commonly referred to in the context of defense, can work in many other areas including agriculture, search and rescue, forest firefighting, traffic control, weather forecasting and broadcasting.

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