US Border Patrol responds to US 59 in Jackson County, Texas where a truck with 100 people broke down

GANADO, Texas (KTRK) — Between 70 and 100 migrants were found Friday morning in the back of a broken down 18-wheeler on the side of Highway 59 in Jackson County.

It was a DPS soldier who made the discovery. When he opened the back of the truck, officials said the migrants dispersed to a nearby private ranch.

The Jackson County Sheriff said he was able to speak with one of the migrants who said he drove all night and collapsed here in Ganado on Friday morning.

The migrants in the back of the truck received no food or water. We know how hot it is outside, so inside the truck the conditions were considered appalling.

On Friday afternoon, a school bus with migrants inside was seen leaving the private ranch where the migrants fled, heading for the jail where they are being held until Border Patrol can transport them.

The sheriff didn’t know how long in total they had been in the truck.

You could only imagine the scene Friday morning around 7am when the DPS soldier opened the back of the broken down truck and people ran out. A few, he said, were so dehydrated and overheated that they stayed with the truck and were treated.

At last count, 61 people were in custody and nine were taken to hospital.

While they had more than a dozen agencies here searching, the sheriff says the migrants were coming out on their own because the heat was getting to them.

“Hell is a mess. I don’t know how else to put it,” Jefferson County Sheriff Kelly Janica said. “Texas is in trouble. Nobody wants to help us. I don’t want to get into politics, but Texas is going to have to decide what to do.

The sheriff acknowledged that something like this had happened there before, but nothing of this magnitude.

“Not to this magnitude,” he said. “About 10, 12, 14, 3, 5… Maybe once or twice 20, but nothing like that.”

As for search efforts, the active search ended early Friday evening. The sheriff says they will be stationed in the area waiting for others to come out. Additionally, they are asking locals to be on the lookout.

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The situation near Ganado is reminiscent of a similar circumstance that occurred not too far away 19 years ago this month, but with a historically deadly outcome.

In May 2003, 19 of 70 undocumented immigrants discovered trapped in a truck trailer near Victoria, Texas died of dehydration, overheating and suffocation in what is considered the deadliest smuggling incident. of United States history.

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