Walmart’s grocery delivery service saves time and money

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There are certain grocery stores that we all need to restock with surprising regularity. There’s never milk in the fridge when you need it, no eggs, low-fat Greek yogurt, or cream cheese. One second you have a whole loaf of bread, and the next one you can’t even toast for breakfast. These basics are the ideal grocery items to get from a grocery delivery or pickup service.

If you’re unfamiliar with using a grocery store, it might seem daunting, but Walmart has been doing curbside collections since 2013 and has streamlined the process to work seamlessly with busy schedules. their clients. After the order is created, users have several hours to make changes, which is useful for last minute additions that can make or break dinner plans.

How to order groceries with Walmart

Orders can be placed online or using the Walmart mobile app. Buyers can then choose the one-hour time slot that best matches their availability to pick up their order – these slots open early and only close late in the evening.

Walmart Grocery Pickup App


Once the order is confirmed, all you need to do is arrive within the one hour window to let Walmart staff load your car with your groceries. If you can’t arrive during the time slot, you will still be able to pick up your order the same day until Walmart closes. This service is available free of charge to all Walmart customers, with no restrictions beyond a minimum order of $ 35.

Delivery works the same, but depending on the specifics of your order, delivery may have variable costs. For Walmart + members, regular shipping is free, while express shipping is just $ 10. For those who are not subscribers, delivery costs between $ 9.95 and $ 19.95 depending on whether the order is regular or express. Until very recently, all shipments had a minimum of $ 35 to place an order – but as of March, express shipments no longer have a minimum.

By allowing users to save favorite and future shopping lists, Walmart makes it incredibly easy to customize and order basic items in just minutes. Ease of ordering, combined with saving time by having groceries delivered right to your door (or picking them up at your convenience without even entering the building), can be very important to anyone with a tight schedule. Walmart estimates that its delivery / pickup service will save an average of 2.5 hours per week for a family making 3 trips to the grocery store – after just a month of use, which is an additional 10-hour time savings. hours.

Walmart Delivery Lists

Walmart Delivery Lists


Pros and Cons of Walmart’s Grocery Delivery Service

While the most obvious benefit is the time this service saves users, it can also help save money. By not browsing the tempting shopping aisles, it’s much easier to avoid buying Oreo’s intriguing new flavor and checking if you in fact need to get another can of tomato paste.

For anyone who takes less than one trip to the grocery store per week, paying for a Walmart + membership may not be worth it, especially when Walmart offers free pickup. But if you plan to have your groceries delivered more than twice a month, that’s already $ 19.90 in delivery costs alone, compared to the $ 8.15 you would pay monthly for an annual Walmart + membership.

Ordering groceries is in no way intended to replace the joy of visiting a farmer’s market and figuring out which eggplant speaks to you. So, for a foodie or a picky shopper, Walmart’s grocery services may not be the right solution. But for busy parents, tight budgets, party planners, strict dieters, or anyone who doesn’t want to carry heavy, bulky groceries on their own, this can be a game-changer. A few minutes spent on the Walmart app can easily free up hours per month, which we can all use more of.

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