What is the best vehicle warehouse location in GTA Online?

Climbing the financial ladder in GTA Online might not be a walk in the park, but it certainly isn’t impossible to do.

There are several ways to make money in GTA Online, each more lucrative than the next. Import / Export, in particular, is one of the most popular ways to make money in GTA Online.

To start an import / export business in GTA Online, players will first need to register as a CEO and purchase an office. After buying an office, they can invest in a warehouse and start making a lot of money.

There are two types of warehouses in GTA Online:

  • Vehicle warehouse.
  • Special freight warehouse.

It should be noted that if the import / export is extremely profitable, it requires large investments.

Warehouses are valuable properties and cost a good chunk of money, which is why players need to make sure that the one they invest in guarantees a substantial return on their investment.

The general rule for warehouses is that they should be in the center of most delivery locations and have good access.

The most profitable vehicle warehouse in GTA Online

Unlike special goods warehouses, the profitability of a vehicle warehouse does not depend on its size. The most profitable warehouses are those that are close to the CEO’s office and have good access.

La Puerta is arguably the best warehouse of vehicles in GTA Online. Not only is it close to the CEO’s office, it’s also close to the Marina Helipad, allowing the player to generate a Pegasus Cargobob to deliver stolen vehicles.

Having said that, the warehouse in La Puerta is expensive. Priced at $ 2,735,000, that’s quite expensive for cash-strapped gamers. An affordable alternative to the warehouse in La Puerta is easily the one in La Mesa.

Not only is the warehouse in La Mesa incredibly affordable, it’s also central enough for most delivery locations. Additionally, with the warehouse in La Mesa, players can also use a Cargobob to make deliveries as they will only have to land at about roof height before the game automatically activates the cutscene.

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