Woman beats food delivery boy with shoe and kicks him

At one point, the woman even kicked the person

A video of a woman hitting a food delivery man in the middle of the road has surfaced on social media. The incident took place in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The woman said she was injured after the delivery agent’s bike collided with her scooter.

In the video, the lady beats the delivery man with her shoe. She continues to do so even when the people gathered around her ask her to stop. At one point, she even kicks the person.

According to the social media post, eyewitnesses said the woman was talking on the phone herself while riding the two-wheeler. A few also pointed out that the biker was riding on the wrong side of the road.

While admitting it was the mistake of the delivery agent who took the wrong lane, several people on the social media platform condemned the woman’s handling of the situation.

“It was his mistake, but the way he was disrespected cannot be justified,” one Hindi user said.

Another wrote that the woman had behaved badly and that she should apologize to the delivery agent. “She should apologize to the guy,” read her comment.

In August last year, a woman also beat a taxi driver at a busy intersection in Lucknow. Accusing the taxi driver of trying to run him over, the woman repeatedly slapped him in the presence of traffic cops. The taxi driver denied the allegation and demanded justice.

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