Woman with terminal cancer receives special childbirth

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Tasha Conway was an employee of the Hillcrest Post Office, and not only did she handle a hands-on job, but she also handled her own battle.

“Tasha found out she had cancer several years ago, they had surgeries and we thought it was okay and recently it came back and it spread, so we found out that she didn’t ‘didn’t have a lot of time,’ said store manager Shane Palette.

Tasha received 30 days or less after battling cancer for several years.

“I had cancer in January of February 2018 and it was right in my chest at that time and then in 2019 it went down into my lungs and it was there for a while and it was there for 2020 and continued until 2021, then the brain cancer had broken out and we made the latest solutions so that I had more time, but it actually went to my spinal cord, which m ‘gave the mark,’ said Tasha Conway.

When Tasha’s co-workers heard the news, they threw a surprise car party to say goodbye to her.

“When my husband said he had something for me on Saturday I didn’t think it would be something that big, maybe just a little thing that we would do here, with the animals, and then when I ‘started to see all these guys come in and of course all I think about is the people I’ve cared about so much over the past few years and I mean, that was just a lot, ”she said.

Tasha’s friend, Tamika Terry, says the people who have come forward are not just colleagues, they are family.

“We do everything we can for each other like a mother or father would for their child, we operate with integrity, we operate with honesty with love and compassion just for the human race and I think it is. what makes us so unique with the postal service is just this connection, ”said Terry.

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